2022 Day 295 – RADIS Incentive Claim Publication Submission

In order to encourage researchers in UTM to write and publish in reputable journal, incentive claim has been introduce several years ago. It started more or less when UTM was given the Research University status. The incentive for journal paper … [Continue reading]

2022 Day 294 – TEDex UTM 2023 Paper Work Checked and Approved

I was appointed to be the Advisor of TEDex UTM somewhere this year. It's an honour to be the advisor of this team. The student committees are very driven and energetic. Last week, the top TEDex 2022-2023 committee handed over to me the Paper Work for … [Continue reading]

AIP Conference Proceeding for RCEE2020 & RHeD2020 Successfully Published

Alhamdulillah, after a long wait, the proceeding for Regional Conference on Engineering Education 2020 (RCEE2020) and Research in Higher Education 2020 (RHeD2020) has successfully been published 2 days ago (26th October 2022). There are 51 papers in … [Continue reading]

2022 Day 291 – Bengkel Perbincangan Bersama Output Kajian Projek Konsortium Kecermelangan Pendidikan (KPP) – Teaching & Learning 4Ir (TNL4IR)

As early as 5am in the morning (28th October 2022 - A Friday), we travelled to Dorsett Putrajaya to attend the above mentioned KKP workshop. This is the KPT project lead by UTM CEE together with UPM and UTHM team. We are towards the end of the … [Continue reading]

2022 Day 178 – Training of Trainers (TOT) of Outcomed-Based Education (OBE) Day 2

Early today seems to be quote complicated with various CEE administrative issues, but I have to stay calm and organize everything. However life goes on and it needs to keep going. At 8.45am, the TOT OBE training started. This is a 2-days OBE … [Continue reading]

2022 Day 98 Task – DEC4IR Meeting Between KPM and UTM

The proposal for Drone Edu Challenge presented in meeting with KPM A part of the discussion of our research program It's another weekend and an official rest day, but as usual, there are several official works to do. In the morning today, I … [Continue reading]

2022 Day 97 Task – UTM Torch Briefing to Participants

Part of the facilitators and members who joined the meeting UTM TorCh Slide Briefing One of the brilliant effort initiated by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTMLead is the TorCh program. This is a program to develop Champions in Teaching and … [Continue reading]

2022 Day 96 Task – My Grant Management

Other tasks of the day: Engineering Identity Contract grant extension for Finalized the date for SPC'22 meetingResponded on the invitation for Reflective TalkReviewed a Frontier Journal Paper … [Continue reading]

2022 Day 88 Task – CEE Small Meeting & Some TEDxUTM actitivy

Video shooting for TEDxUTM speech I'm quite happy today because there are no class to prepare or to conduct. I only have few meetings that need to be carried out. There are few important points discussed in the small meeting in terms of the … [Continue reading]

2022 Day 87 Task – METE1153 Occupational Safety in Energy System 2nd Class

.Me and my 3 student's location Last week, only 1 student attended this class. Alhamdulillah this week, we have more students. But more is defined as 3 students. Yes, in record, I will have only 3 students for this class, 1 from China mainland and … [Continue reading]