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You can achieve anything with effort

I think a mindset change is needed. We should not have labels such as ‘a bad at math’ child, and then get left behind. Children should know that they can achieve anything with effort. They should not feel hopeless if they are bad at anything. 

A mind opening read at reddit:

I work in schools delivering growth mindset materials that are heavily backed up by my YouTube content. Schools in the UK are increasing promoting a “you can achieve anything with effort” mentality that is all based around a book called ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck.
I partnered with a council to deliver some talks to a number of schools and it went well. That later developed into a job.
Sometimes it’s hard to tell students to just “keep trying” or that their abilities are not pre-assigned but are malleable and can be improved. I offer a change of pace with videos, and basically, a live show. It’s super fun and I believe the students get something out of it. They are inspiring to me at least.

Engineering Science class


One of my Engineering Science student groups. This class was held on 13 and 14th of august. They are working people who sacrifice their weekend to attend executive diploma programmes. Come join us!

Hiking at Bukit Saga

img-20161112-wa0017          img-20161112-wa0005

Several of us from Razak School went hiking at Bukit Saga, Ampang. This event is organised by the Engineering Department in Razak School.

HRDF Conference and Exhibition 2016


I was one of the exhibitor during HRDF Conference and Exhibitor 2016 in KLCC. I was there to promote Executive Diploma programmes. Indah Water Training Centre will be one of our Programme Management Centre. Contact me if anyone is interested to join our executive diploma programmes.

Practical training visit


On 23rd December I went for a visit to Maskargo Malaysia to check how my students were doing there. They are undertaking practical traning for their diploma programme. Overall their progress is good and have good comments from their supervisor.