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We should all be more like this judge

You can change your behaviors and turn your life around for the better.

You are the problem

and you are the solution.

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Degrees only open doors for you. Companies don’t care where you went for uni and what your GPA is. In interviews tell them about your experience and how you can help them.

STEM Superhero Run 2019

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JKM Formation Camp

The JKM Formation Camp for 2018-2019 session was held from 6-7 September 2018. A total of 45 diploma and degree students have been involved. Some activities were carried out. I served as a checkpoint keeper in a treasure hunt activity. I ran a ‘Jejak Bertapak’ activity where students were required to walk without stepping other than the provided steps.

Direct connection between human mind to computer systems

Evil technology from Elon Musk. I hope it will not work.

Neuralink: How The Human Brain Will Download Directly From a Computer

Neuralink, the brain-computer interface and neuroprosthetics company started by Elon Musk and others in 2016 is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers. Elon Musk is also the CEO of the company.