Future batteries

Research ideas in batteries for the future.


Taklimat pengurusan geran penyelidikan 

Taklimat wajib hadir

Bioinspired photocontrollable microstructured transport device

Sticking two surface together is easy. But how do you unstick it when it is time to move like a gecko. Possible solution: use a light responsive material.


No more heat loss

Here’s to more efficient power generation.

Scientists discover metal that conducts electricity but not heat.

For This Metal, Electricity Flows, But Not the Heat

XPDC Royal Belum 3 – Day 3

Today is the final day. We discussed the details on what are we going to do for our next trip . Then we went home.

XPDC Royal Belum 3 – Day 2

We have already successfully installed the turbine. Next trip we will install the piping from Mes  Waterfall, Kampung Sg Kejar. 

We also passed the key to the turbine house to one local Melayu and one Orang asli. 


XPDC Royal Belum 3 – Day 1

This is the third trip in our project to install a micro turbine in an Orang asli Kampung in royal belum. This time we are going to install the turbine.