JKM Formation Camp

The JKM Formation Camp for 2018-2019 session was held from 6-7 September 2018. A total of 45 diploma and degree students have been involved. Some activities were carried out. I served as a checkpoint keeper in a treasure hunt activity. I ran a ‘Jejak Bertapak’ activity where students were required to walk without stepping other than the provided steps.

Pusat Gelandangan Medan Tunku

We went to Pusat Gelandangan Medan Tunku last night. We were there to see what we as UTM’s lecturers can help the NGOs there. Last night was Kaseh4u and Pustaka Jalanan turn to manage the activities there. Different NGOs in charge of distributing foods and handling activities to the gelandangan each day. Such a startling and eye-opening experience to me personally.

Bengkel penulisan kertas persidangan NASDEC 2018

Persediaan untuk menulis kertas persidangan berkaitan pembangunan mahasiswa.

Meeting with our new DVC Student Affairs

Always ready to help. Our new TNC HEP.


Laporan Maulidur Rasul 2014

Borang kaunseling rujuk Staf/Pelajar UTM

Borang RUJUKAN KLIEN feb2017

Culture Night and Closing Ceremony of Minggu Mesra Mahasiswa

Some pictures and videos from the Culture Night and Closing Ceremony of Minggu Mesra Mahasiswa for the new students intake this year.


Right now we have an open day at Kolej Siswa Jaya called FIESTA’17. This is an annual event fully conducted by the students of Kolej siswa Jaya. We have fireworks, concerts, foodstalls, shops, open air cinema, blood donation, haunted house, e-sports etc. Today is the last day. Come join Us!!


Director of Students Affair welcomes new students

PM Ahmad Khalid welcoming new students to UTM Kuala Lumpur.

UTM Vice Chancellor welcoming new students

Our vice chancellor welcomed new students to UTM. He asked the students to be grateful, work hard and live a meaningful life.