AI Is Continuing Its Assault on Radiologists

A new model can detect abnormalities in x-rays better than radiologists—in some parts of the body, anyway.

8 ways artificial intelligence is going to change the way you live, work and play in 2018

1. Everybody will have a virtual assistant, and they’re going to be pretty smart

2. All your voice-based gadgets will work together

3. Facial recognition will be the new credit card

4. Your boss is going to start to talk about AI

5. Artificial intelligence will generate media specific to your personal preferences

6. Artificial intelligence will write news and market reports tailored specifically for you

7. Your computer will become empathetic

8. Your doctor is going to use AI

In the future you can download your memory.

The scary part is someone else also can have access to your memory.

Elon Musk wants to get inside your head. In April, the Silicon Valley billionaire announced plans to launch Neuralink—a company dedicated to developing a brain-to-machine interface to cure brain ailments like paralysis and memory problems and help people compete with robots when the artificial intelligence revolution makes human brains obsolete. Musk says this will be accomplished by implanting tiny electrodes into the brain—allowing for things like downloading and uploading memory and casual brain-to-brain communication.