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Ram Pump Installation at Manhaj, Batang Kali – Visit #2

Today we brought the man who is going to build the water tank tower to MANHAJ, Batang Kali. Paktok and his team will build the tower with two of his workers at an estimated time of two weeks. We also went to several hardware shops in Batang Kali to buy building materials. This water tank is one of the important parts of the ram pump system where it will store the pumped water. The tanks need to be at least at a similar height to the building where the water is going to be supplied. In this case, the water tank will be at least  9 m of height.

Visit #1

STEM Mentor-Mentee Program #2

We are planning to conduct our STEM Mentor-Mentee Program #2 at SK Intan Baiduri, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. After our successful first program at SK Padang Tembak, we were invited by SK Intan Baiduri to increase STEM literacy at their school. SK Intan Baiduri is very committed to the STEM awareness program for their students. They have a Green Energy lab fully equipped with green energy kits and toys for learning all about green energy.

We are also super excited because we will have cooperation from Brainet, a fun learning education provider for kids. Today is our first meeting with the YDP PIBG, Guru Besar, teachers and General Manager of Brainet.

Also please go to this link for a report from SK Intan Baiduri.


A nanofabricator will change everything

Needs and wants will be a thing of the past.

James Burke has a vision for the future. He believes that by the middle of this century, perhaps as early as 2042, our world will be defined by a new device: the nanofabricator.

These tiny factories will be large at first, like early computers, but soon enough you’ll be able to buy one that can fit on a desk. You’ll pour in some raw materials—perhaps water, air, dirt, and a few powders of rare elements if required—and the nanofabricator will go to work. Powered by flexible photovoltaic panels that coat your house, it will tear apart the molecules of the raw materials, manipulating them on the atomic level to create…anything you like. Food. A new laptop. A copy of Kate Bush’s debut album, The Kick Inside. Anything, providing you can give it both the raw materials and the blueprint for creation.

How a Machine That Can Make Anything Would Change Everything

Daily Leafy Greens May Slow Brain Aging

Eating green vegetables should be a habit.

While cognitive abilities naturally decline with age, eating one serving of leafy green vegetables a day may aid in preserving memory and thinking skills as a person grows older, according to a study by researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. The study results were published in the Dec. 20, issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

UTM Razak School Beyond 2018

Today our Dean gave the end of year talk and also what we can expect for 2018 and beyond.

Meeting with our new DVC Student Affairs

Always ready to help. Our new TNC HEP.

Engineering Science course for EDOSH students

10th December 2017. KLIA training, Bangi.

Follow your passions

Don’t just focus on short-term results.

Stop talking and start doing

It gets easier

The hardest part is to start doing.

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