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Flyer distribution for STEM Explore Run #2

We distributed flyers again last Sunday. This time it was at the Pacemakers Anniversary Run ’14 (PAR 14). Many elite runners were there and many were interested to join our run.


Discussion with FTAAA

We had a fruitful discussion with Datuk S. Vegiyathuman from Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association last Wednesday. Alhamdulillah now our STEM Explore Run is sanctioned by FTAAA.

Flyer distribution for STEM Explore Run

We did some marketing for STEM Explore Run last Sunday. It was the KL Car Free Morning so Dr. Shamsul and I distributed some flyers for the event.

Ram Pump Test

We conducted our ram pump test last Wednesday.

First, we built the tank. This is the water source for the pump.

Preparation for the test. The water was pumped from ground level to level 4 at Block P which is about 20m height.

We managed to pump the water. However, the flow rate was unsatisfactory. We managed to fill a 1.5L bottle for about 64 seconds. We found that there are leaks around the connection at the air tank. So rather then using glue we need to weld the connection.

Birthday Celebration and Tahlil

In conjunction with the coming of Ramadan, Badan Kebajikan Staf UTM Razak School held birthday celebrations of staff and tahlil ceremony to greet Ramadan.

Comeback stronger

For those who are defeated.

Internal Auditor Course

A one-day course conducted by QRIM. We were supposed to be introduced with the new COPPA format. However, a one-day duration seems not enough to cover all.

Hindus and Sikhs help build a mosque in India

We need more news like this to show that we human can work together.

As mason Nazim “Raja” Khan toiled over the construction of a Shiva temple in a Punjab village, a thought nagged at him.

There he was, a Muslim, building a Hindu temple. Yet there was no mosque nearby where he could worship.

“We had no place where we could offer namaz (prayers),” says the 40-year-old. “It wasn’t nice for our relatives when they visited.”

It rankled, so he raised it with the 400-strong Muslim community in his village of Moom, in rural north India. But they were too poor to afford the land.

‘Would you give us some land?’

Most Muslims in the area do unskilled jobs, such as casual construction work, while the community’s 400 or so Hindus and some 4,000 Sikhs are relatively well-off.

Fast forward 18 months – with the temple nearing completion – and Raja took an unprecedented step.

Earlier this year, he approached the temple administrators and told them: “You Hindus will soon have your new temple. And you already have an older one. But we Muslims have no place to worship, nor money to buy land. Would you give us a small area of your land?”

A week later, he had an answer. The temple management had decided to hand over nearly 900 sq ft (83 sq m) of vacant land next to their temple.


STEM Explore Run 2018 – Registration is now open

Registration is now open for STEM Explore Run 2018 at