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Using ram pump to solve water shortage in remote area

A ram pump is an old technology that is now getting more interest from renewable energy and sustainable technology researchers. To show the effectiveness of this device we at UTM Razak School is planning to install a ram pump at a maahad Tahfiz in Batang Kali. Today is our first visit to the site.



Protection for mangrove seedlings

Several UTM lecturers are working together with NAHRIM to establish a better protection for mangrove seedlings planted at the coastal area of Sg. Haji Dorani, Sabak Bernam, Selangor. The current barrier used has actually submerged the seedlings with sediments. New design need to be used to provide effective protection for these seedlings.

Engineering Science class 25-26th Nov 2017

Engineering Science class today for EDOSH students. All of them work in safety and health related jobs. However they still have to learn basic engineering concepts. They were struggling but they tried their best to complete the module. Well done!

Popping Balloon With Orange

Limonene from the orange peel dissolving or weakening the rubber balloon. The limonene interferes with the polymer chain. Limonene and rubber are both soluble in each other so the liquid limonene dissolves some of the rubber.

The 4th Industrial Revolution; Impact On Education and Future Career Pathways

A talk by Dato Ir. (Dr) Lee Yee Cheong, STEM Advisor to MOSTI Minister.


Tomorrow will be better

Do not feel down when you are lost

Keep at it and you’ll eventually find the light in the tunnel.

STEM mentor-mentee program – 3rd week

The third week in our STEM mentor-mentee program at SK Padang Tembak. The topic for this week is solid geometry.

Hari Inovasi Nuklear Malaysia

UTM Razak School is participating in Innovation Competition in conjunction with Hari Inovasi Nuklear Malaysia organised by Malaysian Nuclear Agency. Let’s hope we can win some awards.



100% Electric Bus Fleet For Shenzhen (Population 11.9 Million) By End Of 2017

China is pushing electric vehicles hard. Electric vehicles is now an emerging and lucrative industry.

100% Electric Bus Fleet For Shenzhen (Population 11.9 Million) By End Of 2017