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Goodbye Norazmein

My dear friend since our tutor days is transferring to UTM JB. Goodbye Azmein.


Bengkel penulisan kertas persidangan NASDEC 2018

Persediaan untuk menulis kertas persidangan berkaitan pembangunan mahasiswa.

Imagine the world where the word ‘charging’ is obsolete

Imagine explaining to your grandchildren that “back in my day,” people actually had to wait at least half an hour for their phones to be charged.

Imagine being able to charge your electric car in minutes rather than hours, or your smartphone in seconds.

That’s the enticing prospect being touted by researchers who reckon they’ve discovered a new material that could boost the performance of a carbon-based supercapacitor – sometimes called an ultracapacitor – a type of energy storage device that can be charged very quickly and offload its power very quickly, too.

Start now

It’s difficult for everyone that is just starting out.


UTM VC’s Monthly Engagement March 2018

Time for our monthly engagement.

Social media tools are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works

We need to start spending less time in social media. Listen to what this former facebook exec said.

STEM Mentor-Mentee @SK Intan Baiduri Session#1

The first session of STEM mentor-mentee program at SK Intan Baiduri has concluded successfully yesterday. In this session, the mentees were asked to fill in some questionnaires. Followed by mentoring the topic for the session. The topics were fractions and heat. There was also 45 minutes playing session conducted by BraiNet.

Please also have a look at the news at PIBG SK Intan Baiduri.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Stress and pressures will significantly diminish when you don’t compare yourself to others.