Site visit to Sg. Congkak

Arus Infiniti Sdn. Bhd., a spin-off company of UTM and NAHRIM is planning to install a ram pump and a hydro turbine at a resort in Sg. Congkak. Today is our first site visit there.

Protection for mangrove seedlings

Several UTM lecturers are working together with NAHRIM to establish a better protection for mangrove seedlings planted at the coastal area of Sg. Haji Dorani, Sabak Bernam, Selangor. The current barrier used has actually submerged the seedlings with sediments. New design need to be used to provide effective protection for these seedlings.

Research meeting at NAHRIM

On Thursday 28th September we had a meeting with National Hydraulic Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM). We presented some preliminary results on ocean turbine research project.

UTM Razak School research with NAHRIM

A group of UTM Razak School lecturers led by Dr. Mohd Zaki Hassan is in the process of securing grants from NAHRIM to conduct studies in seabarriers and green energy. Hopefully this initiative will open more links to the industry and other researchers outside of the university.