Thesis Journey: Guiding Luqman to the Finish Line

In the heart of academic pursuit, the journey of a Master’s thesis forms the pinnacle of graduate study. My student, Luqman, is in the throes of this pivotal phase, with the submission of his thesis on the horizon this semester. Our regular discussions are a blend of mentorship, debate, and fine-tuning, as we navigate through the complex maze of research, data analysis, and scholarly writing. As Luqman’s supervisor, it is a path filled with challenges and triumphs, and every session pushes us closer to that moment of accomplishment. The image attached offers a glimpse into these crucial discussions—a snapshot of the academic rigour that defines the final lap of Luqman’s Master’s journey.

The image captures a candid moment during one of our routine discussions, where Luqman and I delve into the final details of his thesis

UTMKL new corporate video

Website google index update

This website now has 371 pages indexed by google. Alhamdulillah. When I started actively updating this website early this year I aimed to have 365 pages at the end of this year (1 page per day). However now I have exceeded my target 5 months early. I must have over eager in updating my website :).

Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang 2016

Alhamdulillah I received the perkhidmatan cemerlang award for my work performance in 2016. I also received, as a team member of KSJ, the OSH award. I have to thank all my colleagues because excellence in service is not an individual achievement but a team effort.




Ihya Ramadan 2017 meeting #1

Last night the Ihya Ramadan team held their first meeting. We have finalized the schedule for the program.

Master Project Briefing for Supervisors

We have a very dedicated team who is incharge of operation of our various Master projects. Today they held one of their briefings.

This website now has more than 250 webpages indexed by Google

Borang Kelulusan Bertugas Di Luar Pejabat

Borang Tugas Luar_BM

Bengkel strategic planning UTM Razak School 2017 – Day 3

Prof awaluddin presenting all the initiatives we have planned for 2017 to 2020

Bengkel strategic planning UTM Razak School 2017 – Day 2

In day 2 we ranked all our initiatives related with their cost benefit.