STEM Street program

Another STEM program concluded. This time is STEM Street, a program from Ministry of Education. I was the Deputy Program Director.

STEM mentor-mentee program – 3rd week

The third week in our STEM mentor-mentee program at SK Padang Tembak. The topic for this week is solid geometry.

STEM Mentor-mentee minggu 2

Minggu kedua program mentor-mentee STEM anjuran UTM Razak School di SMK Padang Tembak. Pelajar UTM dan murid-murid sudah semakin mesra. Cikgu-cikgu berkata murid-murid ternanti-nanti hari sesi mentor-mentee ini.

Permainan objek dan imej untuk meningkatkan minat murid-murid kepada subjek matematik.

STEM Literacy

The first meeting of students that will involve in STEM Literacy programmes this year. We have 28 students who are going to be mentors for our programme at Sekolah Menengah Padang Tembak.

Launch of STEM Mentor-Mentee Program

The launching of STEM Mentor-Mentee program was held today at SMK Padang Tembak, Kuala Lumpur. This program will involve the students of UTMKL mentoring students of SMK Padang Tembak in science and mathematics subjects so that they can pursue science subjects in their upper secondary school.


Emergence of the 4th Industrial Revolution and its Impact on Education and Future Career Pathway

We have this forum last saturday. Very eye opening and interesting especially for parents who have children in secondary school.Educators and parents now are very concern on the small number of students taking STEM subjects at school. Therefore UTM Razak School has set-up a task force to open the KL Chapter of National STEM movement to promote STEM at schools in Kuala Lumpur.