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Archives for August 2017

Baktisiswa Kg. Jerangau, Dungun 2012

Abang Ady in memory

Abang Ady Sallehin telah meninggalkan kami warga UTM Razak School pada hari jumaat lepas. Kehilangan yang sungguh terasa. Abang Adylah yang membawa kami untuk tugas UTM dan juga aktiviti-aktiviti pelajar. Beliau tidak pernah merungut bila membawa kami walaupun pukul 5 pagi ataupun tengah malam. Walaupun semua penumpang tidur beliau tetap berjaga demi menghantar kami ke destinasi.

Al-fatihah untuk Abang Ady.


Supervising EDMS students

I was in Penang supervising Executive Diploma in Manufacturing Systems students for their diploma projects. This group of students are fully sponsored by their employer Penfabric. This commitment by employers to increase the level of knowledge of workers should be praised and followed by similar companies in Malaysia. Well done Penfabric!

Engineering Science class at INTAN Wilayah Tengah

We have an Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management program conducted at INTAN Wilayah Tengah. I taught Engineering Science module for one of the batch over there on 19th and 20th of August 2017. This particular program managed by PEM Excellence is special because the transport and accommodation is provided by PEM Excellence.

Click here to apply for our Executive Diploma Programme

Don’t give up

UTMKL newest transformation

Our TNCAA has presented to us the new organizational structure for UTMKL today. UTMKL will be called UTM STREAM when the new structure is put in place.

Don’t give up

Try again!

Improve yourself

Improve yourself before changing others.

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In the future you can download your memory.

The scary part is someone else also can have access to your memory.

Elon Musk wants to get inside your head. In April, the Silicon Valley billionaire announced plans to launch Neuralink—a company dedicated to developing a brain-to-machine interface to cure brain ailments like paralysis and memory problems and help people compete with robots when the artificial intelligence revolution makes human brains obsolete. Musk says this will be accomplished by implanting tiny electrodes into the brain—allowing for things like downloading and uploading memory and casual brain-to-brain communication.

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UTMKL new corporate video