UTM Razak School research with NAHRIM

A group of UTM Razak School lecturers led by Dr. Mohd Zaki Hassan is in the process of securing grants from NAHRIM to conduct studies in seabarriers and green energy. Hopefully this initiative will open more links to the industry and other researchers outside of the university.

Royal Belum XPDC 4 

We are on our way to Royal Belum. 

Launching of Royal Belum XPDC 4

The official launching of Royal Belum XPDC 4 was done today by YB Datuk Hasbullah Othman MP of Gerik. 

Royal Belum XPDC 4 – Technical Briefing

Today a technical briefing was conducted by the program leader Dr Shamsul Sarip to all the engineers and technicians involved. Many recommendations by team members have been taken into consideration.