All the RA Chairs came to UTMKL to give updates and have a dialog with Razak Faculty’s lecturers.

PPRN Grant Monitoring

Today we presented the status of our PPRN Grant at the Ministry of Education. This is the research grant for fabricating an autoloader for loading oil palm fruit for a company at Tawau, Sabah.

Ram Pump Test

We conducted our ram pump test last Wednesday.

First, we built the tank. This is the water source for the pump.

Preparation for the test. The water was pumped from ground level to level 4 at Block P which is about 20m height.

We managed to pump the water. However, the flow rate was unsatisfactory. We managed to fill a 1.5L bottle for about 64 seconds. We found that there are leaks around the connection at the air tank. So rather then using glue we need to weld the connection.

Visit to One Fathom Bank

Today is my first visit to One Fathom Bank in Straits of Malacca. We are researching on ways to replace the generators at One Fathom Bank to renewable energy power generators. First we need to calculate the actual energy consumption at One Fathom Bank.


Project OCT – Meeting with JLM 1/2018

Yesterday we had our first meeting with Jabatan Laut Malaysia on our project of installing an ocean current turbine (OCT) at One Fathom Bank (OFB).This meeting is the result of our first visit and also after the approval from the Lembaga Dius Api. JLM has shared some information on how to conduct our data gathering process. As a result, we are planning to have a site visit to OFB in the near future.


Ram Pump Installation at Manhaj, Batang Kali – Visit #2

Today we brought the man who is going to build the water tank tower to MANHAJ, Batang Kali. Paktok and his team will build the tower with two of his workers at an estimated time of two weeks. We also went to several hardware shops in Batang Kali to buy building materials. This water tank is one of the important parts of the ram pump system where it will store the pumped water. The tanks need to be at least at a similar height to the building where the water is going to be supplied. In this case, the water tank will be at least  9 m of height.

Visit #1

Using ram pump to solve water shortage in remote area

A ram pump is an old technology that is now getting more interest from renewable energy and sustainable technology researchers. To show the effectiveness of this device we at UTM Razak School is planning to install a ram pump at a maahad Tahfiz in Batang Kali. Today is our first visit to the site.



Protection for mangrove seedlings

Several UTM lecturers are working together with NAHRIM to establish a better protection for mangrove seedlings planted at the coastal area of Sg. Haji Dorani, Sabak Bernam, Selangor. The current barrier used has actually submerged the seedlings with sediments. New design need to be used to provide effective protection for these seedlings.

Hari Inovasi Nuklear Malaysia

UTM Razak School is participating in Innovation Competition in conjunction with Hari Inovasi Nuklear Malaysia organised by Malaysian Nuclear Agency. Let’s hope we can win some awards.



A visit to Kg Rening, Cameron Highlands

On 26th October 2017 we went for a visit to an Orang Asli kampung in Cameron Highlands. Kampung Rening is an Orang Asli kampung located at Pos Telanok, Cameron Highlands about 40 km from Ringlet. Its inhabitants are made up of the Semai people who lived in this village since the time of their ancestors. Kampong Rening consists of 150 people of Semai community. Out of these 150, 6 people have converted to Islam.

A resort at Kampung Rening called PEKA Resort was built by the Orang Asli under the guidance of Persatuan Kembara Amal (PeKA), a registered NGO. This resort is now managed by the Orang Asli guided by PeKA members.