A Pledge of Life: My First Blood Donation Journey

There comes a moment when a simple action can mean the world, not just to you, but to someone else’s life. Today, I found myself seated in a donor chair, arm outstretched, ready to give a part of myself for others. After years of taking blood thinners, I finally received the green light from my doctor to donate blood. It was a first for me, a milestone that I approached with a mix of nerves and excitement. As the blood flowed from me, I thought about the chain of life it represents, the unknown faces it might save. This experience, more profound than I ever anticipated, has changed my perspective. It’s not just about giving blood; it’s about embracing the fragility of life and standing in solidarity with those in need. Today, I did more than just donate blood; I joined a community of quiet heroes who believe in the power of giving.

The image serves as a personal testament to the act of giving, capturing the momentous first-time experience of contributing to a life-saving resource through blood donation.

Kesepaduan Melalui Tawa: Ketuk Ketampi di Kem Pembentukan JKM KSJ

Di tengah-tengah suasana damai Laman Nur Bistari, Ulu Yam, calon-calon JKM KSJ menjalani aktiviti pembinaan pasukan yang tidak hanya menyenangkan hati tetapi juga mendidik. Ketika tawa mengiringi sesi 'ketuk ketampi', bukan sekadar permainan, tetapi … [Continue reading]

Thesis Journey: Guiding Luqman to the Finish Line

In the heart of academic pursuit, the journey of a Master's thesis forms the pinnacle of graduate study. My student, Luqman, is in the throes of this pivotal phase, with the submission of his thesis on the horizon this semester. Our regular … [Continue reading]

Tautan Hati: Pertemuan Tak Terduga dengan Ustaz Kamili

Dalam liku-liku kehidupan, pertemuan yang tak terduga sering membawa makna mendalam. Begitu pula saat saya bertemu kembali dengan Ustaz Kamili, pembimbing bacaan Al-Quran saya dahulu. Waktu terasa berhenti saat kami bertukar pandang, mengimbau memori … [Continue reading]

Mastering Event Protocols at UTM: Insights from Pn Suzalpha’s KSJ Workshop

In the heart of KSJ, Pn Suzalpha, our fellow, delivered an enlightening lecture on the protocols of event management at UTM. Her talk, part of the JKM KSJ Formation Camp, was a deep dive into the nuances of successful event execution, stressing … [Continue reading]

New degree students registration

About 150 new degree students registered. This is the first time face to face activity were conducted during new students orientation. An occurrence that is dearly missed by all university staff.  … [Continue reading]

PIBG duty

Doing my duty as AJK PIBG of SK Padang Tembak 2. As an academician we need to help the community near our campus as best as we can. Not only for research purpose but to give the initial spark so that school kids may want to pursue study in UTM. … [Continue reading]

STEM Street program

Another STEM program concluded. This time is STEM Street, a program from Ministry of Education. I was the Deputy Program Director. … [Continue reading]

Friends from PhD student days always have a special place in me

Pictures from Abang Taib's kenduri. … [Continue reading]

AROSHE 2022 – Initial Meeting

InsyaAllah we are going to have the second AROSHE conference following the success of the 1st AROSHE conference in 2021. We had our initial meeting in a hotel here in KL with the similar team member as of the previous conference. … [Continue reading]