Selamat Kembali Pelajar Kanan Diploma UTM

Selamat menyambung pengajian bagi pelajar-pelajar Diploma UTM. Juga selamat datang kepada pelajar baru diploma UTM semester 1 2019/2020.

Sumbangan iftar memeriahkan ramadan

Pejabat Kolej Luar Kampus bagi pihak Hal Ehwal Pelajar telah menerima sumbangan iftar dari Karisma, sebuah NGO di Kuala Lumpur. Sumbangan sebanyak 50 bungkus makanan telah disampaikan kepada wakil pelajar di surau Kolej Siswa Jaya bersama beberapa … [Continue reading]

We should all be more like this judge

You can change your behaviors and turn your life around for the better. … [Continue reading]

You are the problem

and you are the solution. … [Continue reading]

Return Policy

Degrees only open doors for you. Companies don’t care where you went for uni and what your GPA is. In interviews tell them about your experience and how you can help them. … [Continue reading]

STEM Superhero Run 2019

Register at   … [Continue reading]

JKM Formation Camp

The JKM Formation Camp for 2018-2019 session was held from 6-7 September 2018. A total of 45 diploma and degree students have been involved. Some activities were carried out. I served as a checkpoint keeper in a treasure hunt activity. I ran a 'Jejak … [Continue reading]

Direct connection between human mind to computer systems

Evil technology from Elon Musk. I hope it will not work. Neuralink: How The Human Brain Will Download Directly From a Computer Neuralink, the brain-computer interface and neuroprosthetics company started by Elon Musk and others in 2016 is … [Continue reading]

TNC (A&A) Engagement with Academic Management Staff of Razak Faculty

Prof. Dr. Zainuddin came to our faculty today. Interesting points he put forward. I am particularly looking forward to employing his TRIC strategy which is Teaching-Reseach-Innovation-Commercialization.   … [Continue reading]

Tesla Gigafactory To Be Powered 100% By “Tesla Solar” By End Of 2019

Example of sustainable manufacturing. … [Continue reading]