Meeting with Malaysian Marine Department

Today we had a meeting with Tuan Roslee Bin Mat Yusof the Director at Malaysian Marine Department. We discussed about our proposal of installing an Ocean Current Turbine near One Fathom Bank. Tuan Roslee has agreed to give full coorperation in the research project.



ARUS Teknologi Global

A historic day for us, a group of lecturers from UTM Razak School. We have succesfully registered a spin-off company at SSM today. ARUS Teknologi Global will be responsible for the management of the micro hydro turbine project from now on.




XPDC Royal Belum 3 – Day 3

Today is the final day. We discussed the details on what are we going to do for our next trip . Then we went home.

XPDC Royal Belum 3 – Day 2

We have already successfully installed the turbine. Next trip we will install the piping from Mes  Waterfall, Kampung Sg Kejar. 

We also passed the key to the turbine house to one local Melayu and one Orang asli. 


XPDC Royal Belum 3 – Day 1

This is the third trip in our project to install a micro turbine in an Orang asli Kampung in royal belum. This time we are going to install the turbine.