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Don’t shy away

Go tackle your problems.

Think about the work

If you are worrying about yourself, you are going to get frustrated.

It is hard but possible

Just because something is hard does not make it impossible.

No more heat loss

Here’s to more efficient power generation.

Scientists discover metal that conducts electricity but not heat.

For This Metal, Electricity Flows, But Not the Heat

Work with Ikhlas in your intention

but don’t let others take credit for something you did.

ARUS Teknologi Global

A historic day for us, a group of lecturers from UTM Razak School. We have succesfully registered a spin-off company at SSM today. ARUS Teknologi Global will be responsible for the management of the micro hydro turbine project from now on.




Practice makes perfect

Make smart mistakes

What bias did you fall to.

You cannot escape from bias when making decisions. But are you sure your decision is right?


How to supercharge your productivity 

Work on your passion project first early in the morning