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More than 200 Quebec doctors oppose proposed pay raise for themselves

These doctors have my respect.

MONTREAL—More than 250 doctors and residents in Quebec have asked the provincial government to backtrack on plans to give them and other physicians substantial pay hikes, saying the money should instead be spent on the front lines of the health system.

In an open letter, they say the increases are particularly shocking given that other health-care workers such as nurses and orderlies face difficult working conditions.

APEL Assessor Workshop

As a requirement to be an APEL Accreditation Center (PPA) we need to attend the APEL assessor training workshop. Soon our PPA will be approved by MQA. With the existence of our own PPA, candidates wishing to obtain the APEL (C) certificate can apply at UTM Kuala Lumpur.

STEM HI-TEA ceremony

A STEM HI-TEA ceremony was held last Sunday at Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya. The winners for the best Mentor-Mentee program were announced in this ceremony. We in UTM Razak School entered two entries. One of it has won a merit award in this competition. Although we didn’t get podium position still we are very proud because we have beat other 44 entries to win one out five merit awards given. Well done team leader Dr. Sathia for the Mentor-Mentee Program at SK Padang Tembak.

Peranan pemeriksa dalam dan sesi viva

Hari ini berlangsung sesi perkongsian berkenaan peranan pemeriksa dalam dan sesi viva. Disampaikan oleh Prof Sha’ri dan Datuk Zainai.

Malaysia Technology Expo 2018

MTE 2018 is on-going right now at PWTC from today until Saturday. We are competing in the STEM Mentor-Mentee award in this year. Two projects that I am involved in. First is Pico-Hydro Turbine headed by Dr. Shamsul Sarip and SK Padang Tembak Mentor-Mentee program headed by Dr. Sathiabama. Hope we will win!

Eco Venture Park

We are planning to have a fun retreat here InsyaAllah.


Gong Xi Fa Cai

History of the entire world

Mentor-mentee program @SK Baiduri Meeting #2

We were finalising the dates for the mentor-mentee program. This time we will conduct the program on Saturday. Hopefully, we will get a high turnout from the mentees.


Falcon Heavy Tandem Landing

The coolest thing I have ever seen.