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TNC (A&A) Engagement with Academic Management Staff of Razak Faculty

Prof. Dr. Zainuddin came to our faculty today. Interesting points he put forward. I am particularly looking forward to employing his TRIC strategy which is Teaching-Reseach-Innovation-Commercialization.


Tesla Gigafactory To Be Powered 100% By “Tesla Solar” By End Of 2019

Example of sustainable manufacturing.

Tesla Gigafactory To Be Powered 100% By “Tesla Solar” By End Of 2019

The little duckling that could

Persistence is the key.

The meaning of life

We make who we want to be.

A 100% Clean Energy Grid is Completely Doable

We need fewer politicians and more scientists in our political system to make it doable.

Senator Heinrich: A 100% Clean Energy Grid Is ‘Completely Doable’

Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich is the son of a utility lineman, and one of just a few engineers in Congress.

Clean energy piqued the New Mexico lawmaker’s interest at an early age, while he was building and racing solar-powered cars in college. But for most of his life, he says, it was hard to imagine a world in which renewables could power more than 20 or 30 percent of the electric grid.

Today, Heinrich’s outlook is different. “We can have a future reliable, cheap, resilient grid that is 100 percent powered by clean energy,” he said in an interview on Greentech Media’s Political Climate podcast.

Dream big

and experience everything you can with what you have.

Stefan Karl Stefansson

You are never too old

Never too late to try something new.

Life is a dance

Don’t worry about forward or backward steps.

You have to keep going

Never give up but do take breaks once in a while.

Bersatu Teguh

Masa depan kita bergantung pada betapa baiknya rakyat daripada pelbagai kaum boleh hidup bersama dan bekerja bersama.

  • Tunku Abdul Rahman