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Engineering Science class August 2018

Another Engineering Science class for Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management students. This time at Malacca.


Engineering Science Class July 2018

Engineering Science class for SES students pursuing EDEBM. I always love to teach students that have a sense of humour and happy go lucky. This group is one of those.

Audit of Executive Diploma’s Programme Management Centre

One of our activities in maintaining executive diploma’s quality is auditing the Programme Management Centre (PMC). Today we audited Shah Education Systems (SES) which manages Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management and Executive Diploma in Manufacturing Technology.

Final meeting with my executive diploma student

It was the final meeting for Norizan as my student. She has finished her executive diploma project. Now is my turn to evaluate and give the marks.

Internal audit of EDEBM programme

Today the Quality Unit of UTM Razak School conducted an internal audit of EDEBM programme. As the coordinator of the programme I am responsible of the quality assurance of the programme. Internal audit is one of the process of this quality assurance.

Engineering Science class October 2017

Engineering Science class for EDEBM students in INTAN Wilayah Tengah conducted by PEM Excellence.

Engineering Science class at INTAN Wilayah Tengah

We have an Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management program conducted at INTAN Wilayah Tengah. I taught Engineering Science module for one of the batch over there on 19th and 20th of August 2017. This particular program managed by PEM Excellence is special because the transport and accommodation is provided by PEM Excellence.

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Engineering Science course for EDEBM students

Engineering Science course for Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management students in Penang today. Alhamdulillah they really showed their ethusiasm to study the basics of engineering even though they have long left school.

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Kelas Engineering Science untuk pelajar EDEBM 

Kelas untuk pelajar SKC. 

📌Kelas di UTMKL. Kelas terakhir sebelum mereka mula final projek 

EDEBM class 1/2017

My first Engineering Science class for 2017. This is for Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management managed by Specialist Knowledge Center.