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Nurhasanah Physiotherapy Centre – Training Session 

Today we conducted training sessions  for tenants of Pusat Jagaan Nurhasanah. The first session was on how to use the physiotherapy devices in the centre

Next we have a gym instructor that showed how to use the gym machines like the treadmill and the recumbent bicycle.

The third session was medical check up by a doctor.

And the final session was conducted by Dr.  Aini who is doing research on muscle of elderly people.


Adopt a Kampung group buy toys for Toys Library 

Today,  Adopt a Kampung group went for toys buying in Chow Kit. These toys are for children of SK  Seneng, Bachok, Kelantan. The school was severely affected by the 2014 flood and we are planning to build a toys library there.


XPDC Royal Belum 3 – Day 3

Today is the final day. We discussed the details on what are we going to do for our next trip . Then we went home.

XPDC Royal Belum 3 – Day 2

We have already successfully installed the turbine. Next trip we will install the piping from Mes  Waterfall, Kampung Sg Kejar. 

We also passed the key to the turbine house to one local Melayu and one Orang asli. 


XPDC Royal Belum 3 – Day 1

This is the third trip in our project to install a micro turbine in an Orang asli Kampung in royal belum. This time we are going to install the turbine.

UTM Vice Chancellor’s new year address 2017

Turning challenges into opportunities. 2016 UTM is the best in myra audit.

Time to increase your daily sambal intake

Change yourself


Life is not a race

Everyone have their own clock.


Nur Hasanah Physiotherapy Centre -meeting 1/2017

We are planning to conduct a training session for the tenants of Rumah jagaan nur hasanah to use the facilities in the physiotherapy centre.