Mastering Event Protocols at UTM: Insights from Pn Suzalpha’s KSJ Workshop

In the heart of KSJ, Pn Suzalpha, our fellow, delivered an enlightening lecture on the protocols of event management at UTM. Her talk, part of the JKM KSJ Formation Camp, was a deep dive into the nuances of successful event execution, stressing adherence to university protocols. The attendees, engrossed and eager, soaked in her guidance, poised to apply this newfound knowledge to future UTM events. It was an empowering session, encapsulating the essence of learning beyond the classroom.

To visually capture the essence of the event and to complement the textual content. It showcases the interactive and educational environment of Pn Suzalpha's lecture, providing readers with a snapshot of the active engagement and learning experience at the JKM KSJ formation camp. The image helps to convey the context, the speaker's connection with the audience, and the overall atmosphere of the session, enhancing the reader's understanding and interest in the event being discussed.

Internal Auditor Course

A one-day course conducted by QRIM. We were supposed to be introduced with the new COPPA format. However, a one-day duration seems not enough to cover all.

APEL Preparation Course

APEL Centre UTM Razak School has successfully conducted APEL Preparation Course Series 1/2018 on 3rd February 2018. This half-day course is to guide APEL applicants in preparing for their APEL tests and portfolios.