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Learn from your past

Don’t live in your past.

Almost anything can become a touchpad with some spray paint

Electric field tomography.

“It’s as simple as adding a conductive coating, such as special paint, to an object and then putting sensing electrodes around the edges of the area you want to make interactive, say the researchers. You can even add a protective coating. To sense the placement of touch, they use a technique called electric field tomography.”

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

And companies that control the data have become very powerful. They are Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. Why are they so powerful? Because they can eliminate their rivals easily.

“They have a “God’s eye view” of activities in their own markets and beyond. They can see when a new product or service gains traction, allowing them to copy it or simply buy the upstart before it becomes too great a threat. Many think Facebook’s $22bn purchase in 2014 of WhatsApp, a messaging app with fewer than 60 employees, falls into this category of “shoot-out acquisitions” that eliminate potential rivals. By providing barriers to entry and early-warning systems, data can stifle competition.”

UTM VC’s Monthly meeting – May 2017

Congrats to Dr. Shamsul on his appointment as Engineering Head Department

The time is now!

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UTM Razak School Faculty Meeting 2017

Just do it!

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Start and Go

Discourse with our new DVC Academic

Many of us in UTMKL are going to merge and become one faculty.

Greatness will come

But we define our own greatness.