Eco Venture Park

We are planning to have a fun retreat here InsyaAllah.


‘Acupressure’ untuk Peningkatan Prestasi Murid, Pelajar & Orang Dewasa


UTM Razak School Bowling Game

The staff of UTM Razak School had a great time playing bowling yesterday at UTMKL brand spanking new bowling alley in UTM Residensi. As a newbie in this sport (this is just my second time playing after a long long time) I as expectedly came last hehe.

Nature Trekking at FRIM, Kepong

On Saturday 22nd April 2017, Razak School Wellness Committee organised a jungle trekking at FRIM, Kepong. We had a very nice walk. Not so tiring but very informative.

Over here you can observe the crown shyness phenomenon, where the canopy of trees don’t touch each other.