APEL Assessor Workshop

As a requirement to be an APEL Accreditation Center (PPA) we need to attend the APEL assessor training workshop. Soon our PPA will be approved by MQA. With the existence of our own PPA, candidates wishing to obtain the APEL (C) certificate can apply at UTM Kuala Lumpur.

UTM Razak School Strategic Planning 2018 – Day 1

Another year, another round of strategic planning workshop.

Workshop: How to write a review paper

As an initiative to fulfil KPIs, today UTM Razak School has organised a workshop on how to write a review paper. Personally, writing an academic journal is an ibadah where we spread knowledge and Allah will give reward as long as that knowledge is still giving benefit to others, in this case for example, as long as people keep citing your journal.