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PIBG duty

Doing my duty as AJK PIBG of SK Padang Tembak 2. As an academician we need to help the community near our campus as best as we can. Not only for research purpose but to give the initial spark so that school kids may want to pursue study in UTM.

STEM HI-TEA ceremony

A STEM HI-TEA ceremony was held last Sunday at Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya. The winners for the best Mentor-Mentee program were announced in this ceremony. We in UTM Razak School entered two entries. One of it has won a merit award in this competition. Although we didn’t get podium position still we are very proud because we have beat other 44 entries to win one out five merit awards given. Well done team leader Dr. Sathia for the Mentor-Mentee Program at SK Padang Tembak.

Malaysia Technology Expo 2018

MTE 2018 is on-going right now at PWTC from today until Saturday. We are competing in the STEM Mentor-Mentee award in this year. Two projects that I am involved in. First is Pico-Hydro Turbine headed by Dr. Shamsul Sarip and SK Padang Tembak Mentor-Mentee program headed by Dr. Sathiabama. Hope we will win!

STEM Mentor-Mentee Program #2

We are planning to conduct our STEM Mentor-Mentee Program #2 at SK Intan Baiduri, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. After our successful first program at SK Padang Tembak, we were invited by SK Intan Baiduri to increase STEM literacy at their school. SK Intan Baiduri is very committed to the STEM awareness program for their students. They have a Green Energy lab fully equipped with green energy kits and toys for learning all about green energy.

We are also super excited because we will have cooperation from Brainet, a fun learning education provider for kids. Today is our first meeting with the YDP PIBG, Guru Besar, teachers and General Manager of Brainet.

Also please go to this link for a report from SK Intan Baiduri.


STEM mentor-mentee program – 3rd week

The third week in our STEM mentor-mentee program at SK Padang Tembak. The topic for this week is solid geometry.

STEM Mentor-mentee minggu 2

Minggu kedua program mentor-mentee STEM anjuran UTM Razak School di SMK Padang Tembak. Pelajar UTM dan murid-murid sudah semakin mesra. Cikgu-cikgu berkata murid-murid ternanti-nanti hari sesi mentor-mentee ini.

Permainan objek dan imej untuk meningkatkan minat murid-murid kepada subjek matematik.

STEM Literacy

The first meeting of students that will involve in STEM Literacy programmes this year. We have 28 students who are going to be mentors for our programme at Sekolah Menengah Padang Tembak.

Launch of STEM Mentor-Mentee Program

The launching of STEM Mentor-Mentee program was held today at SMK Padang Tembak, Kuala Lumpur. This program will involve the students of UTMKL mentoring students of SMK Padang Tembak in science and mathematics subjects so that they can pursue science subjects in their upper secondary school.