Term Paper

Students” answer on what a term paper is and how to write a term paper – 29 February 2016

  • What is a term paper?

Structured write up

Depend on your topic

Rely on a scientific report

Refer to many references

  • How to write a term paper?
  1. Introduction

General elaboration


Elaborate by giving examples

State what to discuss

State the point

  1. Body

State the point


Give examples

Mini conclusion

  1. Conclusion

What can be drawn from the discussion

State the main point

Give solutions/suggestions

Pembentangan Kertas Saringan Pogram Baru – KPT

We were called to defend a new proposal on Masters propgramme entitled Master of Language in Communication and Digital Culture at Ministry of Higher Education – 18 February 2016.


 Alhamdulillah our programme is approved and Dr Aireen and I are working on it like crazy. We aim to run this programme next session, which begins in September 2016, Insya Allah. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the programme yeah.