Conflict Management

How to deal with conflicts by Arnold Sanow and Sandra Strauss

  • Gather your evidence with concrete examples, if possible of exactly what was said, to whom, and other specifics related to the incident. You’ll stand on much firmer ground with facts rather than hearsay.
  • Whether you can document the situation or must rely on rumors or other reports, discuss the remarks openly with them. Use a calm, gentle tone and ask them to specify whatever accusations they’ve made: “Britney, I’d appreciate you clearing up some confusion. It’s come to my attention that you said (describe the content). Please tell me what you mean.”
  • Give them a graceful exit. If they deny their actions (and they probably will) let it go by saying, “Oh, I’m glad to hear that the information given to me was an exaggeration and you didn’t mean it as criticism.”  This also serves as a subtle warning that you’re on to their games. Don’t argue if they deny their intent to harm.
  • Tell them the behavior you expect in the future. “Next time, let me know exactly how you feel before discussing this with anyone else”
  • If you actually did make a mistake in accusing them of the particular behavior or incident, apologize. Providing an apology is a sign of strength, not weakness.

 Dealing with Conflict By Arnold Sanow

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Semangat itu pasti…

Perundingan secara dalam talian dengan En Ahmad Fadhli dari Penerbit UTM Press pada 25 May 2022. Perbincangan mengenai penerbitan buku asli. 2 dalam pipeline. Semangat yang berkobar itu memang ada, tapi tidak tahu setakat mana ianya boleh bertahan. Mudah-mudahan impian menerbitkan buku menjadi kenyataan. May Allah ease!

Kerana ‘Lillah’ supaya tak Lelah

Ceramah dari Ustazah (sorry tak dapat namanya) di radio IKIM pada 27 May, pagi Jumaat. Buat sesuatu tu biarlah niat kita Lillah, iaitu LillahiTalla. Agar kita tak terasa lelah bilah usaha kita tak dipandang dan tak disanjung orang lain.

Katanya lagi, sedangkan rasulullah s.a.w. yang sempurna sifat pun, tak semua orang yang suka pada baginda, inikan pulak kita yang serba-serbi kekurangan.

Moral of the story, don’t waste your energy and effort to please everyone. You can’t achieve such mission. Do things for the sake of Allah. The most important is for Allah to be pleased with you.

Betullah tagline UTM macam tu ‘Kerana Tuhan untuk Manusia’

What sisters are for…

The big sister flew high in the sky.
And made a video call to the little sister, asking the little angel to snap a photo of her flying. And the little sister went … what????