Research Grants

Research Grants Secured as the Principal Investigator

  1. Designing a Guide for the Implementation of CEFR-Aligned English Language Tests. 2019-2022. Collaborative Research Grant (RM100,000)
  2. Determining the Congruence of Students’ Results in Three CEFR-Aligned Test Components: Online, Speaking and Writing Tests. 2019-2022. Collaborative Research Grant (RM40,000)
  3. A Tourism and Hospitality Communication Framework: Realising the World Class Tourism and Culture Destination through Language. 2014-2016. FRGS Grant (RM68,000)
  4. An Exploratory Study of Communication Roles of Tourism Advertising in Promoting Malaysian Culture. 2012-2014. ERGS Grant (RM50,000)
  5. The Role of Intercultural Communication in Realising 1Malaysia. 2011-2012. UTM Grant (RM20,000)
  6. An Investigation of the Significant Features of Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Features of Online Shops. 2010-2011. UTM Grant (RM12,000)
  7. Analysing The Persuasive Strategies of Tourism Discourse. 2007-2008. Unit of Language Services and Consultancy, Department of Modern Languages, UTM (RM10,000)
  8. Linking Hypertext Mark Up Language to Language Learning. 1997-1999.  UTM Grant (Vot: 71177) (RM10,000)
  9. Adapting the Contents of CALL Software to Meet the Needs of English for Management Students. 1994-1996. UTM Grant (Vot: 61569) (RM6,000)


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