Inspirational Leadership by Simon Sinek

I found this video very inspirational. Simon Sinek started off with the golden circle, that is, three questions to ask, what, how and why? The most important is WHY. Why you do it? He said that we follow those who share with us what they believe in and give us the answer to the why question. And he distinguished leaders from those who lead, ‘Leaders hold a position of power or authority. but those who lead inspire us’. We follow those who lead not because we have to but because we want to. The punchline is we follow not for them but for ourselves.

Maya Angelou – Quote of the day

I find Maya Angelou’s quotes fascinating. The quotes show how observant and sensitive she is to her surroundings.

To get more her quotes visit the link below

Why is writing difficult?

I always try to find excuses not to write. Certainly, I enjoy reading but NOT writing. One paper is due today, and I still don’t have the mood to write. Would like to share a quote on writing and hope it will motivate me and others to write.

Write until it becomes as natural as breathing.

Write until not writing makes you anxious.

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Day 3 – Augmented Reality for Educators

In this lesson, we learnt how to make things move . The focus was on behaviours. I was having trouble to follow this session, since I used iPhone not iPad. The interface is not the same and I need to explore looking for the buttons to click. It was really time consuming. Fortunately, the session was recorded and could be viewed later.