BIG DATA🤔 Have you heard about it? Can we use Big Data in English Language Teaching? Let’s explore how we can use big data in language classroom.

There are a lot more articles on big data in language learning which  you can find on the internet. It is really big data 😃

Language, Context and Text – a new semiotics journal.

The journal encourages the presentation and critique of new theoretical proposals through careful scholarly analysis, testing of the implications of proposals and presentation of alternative viewpoints broadly within the SFL framework.

The link to a sample issue is given here

Chinese Cultural Festival

First time ever we hold such a festival at Language Academy.  So don’t miss it.  Come and have fun with us!

Begpacking 🧐

Is begpacking a right thing to do?


Meeting the Mr President of Asia to Japan

Met with Mr Masato Sampei, President, Asia to Japan Co. Ltd. on 27 December 2018.

A to J is responsible to recruit graduates who intend to work in Japan. And students who wish to follow the A to J programme must obtain a certain level of Japanese language. Language Academy (LA), UTM offers courses on Japanese Language and LA is also a centre for JLPT. For more information kindly email to

Thank you so much Mr Sampei for the delicious Yoku Moku. It is like Malaysian love letters wafer.





LA Annual Dinner 2018

Language Academy Annual Dinner – 27 December 2018 with Multiethnic Theme.  Alhamdulillah, everyone looked great and had a good time. The objectives are not only to gather and have fun, but more to appreciate LA staff for their hard work, to celebrate staff who are retired, and the most important is to bridge the gap between senior and junior academic staff, last but not least to strengthen the cooperation between academic and support staff. In other words, to rapatkan saf. We did it, yeay and I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the Task Force team and all involved for the briliiant job.



How to be direct and handle people who are not?  Hmmmm… a question to ponder.

New Semester Briefing for PG Students of Language Academy

Kindly take note that a new semester briefing for new postgraduate students will be held as follows:

Date:  25 February (Sunday)

Time:  10 am

Venue:  Seminar Room 1, Level 3, D05.

All are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you.  Thank you.

1st Language and Communication Postgraduate International Seminar 2017

The link to the abstract book.