Make doa for others

It is very easy to make yourself happy. How? Make doa or pray good things for others. Because when we pray for others, angels will pray the same thing for us. Lesson to learn is never doa bad things for others, because we will get what we doa for others in return.

Total Lockdown

It is bad news, but it is inevitable to combat COVID 19. The top priority is the people’s health. May this be the right decision and may Allah ease us.

Binge Reading

Done with the audit and now back to binge reading. Loads to read; proposals, journal articles and assignments. Ooooooh my God! this will never end.

Audit of Generic Programmes

We had the audit for the NEC220 code on 27 May 2021. Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth session. We were not grilled or roasted by the internal and external reviewers. The accreditation is crucial for the recognition and sustainability of our programmes. And, the fate of our students depends on the accreditation. Pray to Allah, may the result be good.