Persuasive speeches

Today, 17 April 2016, students presented their analysis on persuasive texts based on types and strategies of persuasive speech.

Different types of persuasive text:

  • Facts
  • Policies

Three main strategies in developing persuasive texts are:

  • ethos
  • pathos
  • logos

I like their materials and analysis. Well done people.

Enjoy some of the materials analysed by my students.

  • Amazing Steve Jobs speech at Stanford

  • How Donald Trump answers a question.

  • Zakir Naik’s talk on Atheist

  • Some beauty product adverts

using an ethos strategy

using a pathos strategy

My Newly Born Grandson – Hamzah

IIt was the happiest moment for me to be a granny to my newly born grandson named Hamzah. Hamzah was born on 27 Mac 2016 at 6.00 pm at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, JB. May Allah make him among the solehon.




With his great grandpa…


More pictures of Hamzah