Day 3 – Augmented Reality for Educators

In this lesson, we learnt how to make things move . The focus was on behaviours. I was having trouble to follow this session, since I used iPhone not iPad. The interface is not the same and I need to explore looking for the buttons to click. It was really time consuming. Fortunately, the session was recorded and could be viewed later.

Coming Soon

In this seminar, I will present a paper on Meaning Making with Mutlimodality. The paper will focus on several studies conducted using multimodal theories. Most of the studies were from my MPhil and PhD students and covering different aspects of social contexts.

On News today.

There are 3 interesting news. The first one, of course, UTM will be the vaccination centre and it is welcomed by all UTM communities. Secondly, the action against those who post suicide videos. We wait for the public’s reaction on this issue. Lastly, 263 citizens can perform haj this year. The number is way too low from the usual. Those who are selected this year must be the very fortunate ones and may Allah bless them.

Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart, a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference

-Mac Anderson-

Professor Theo van Leeuwen – The Master of Social Semiotics and Multimodalilty

I felt so delighted when one of my PhD students shared this video with me. Professor Theo van Leeuwen was my supervisor when I did my PhD at Cardiff University, UK. My research was on the Generic Structure of Cooperate Websites. The focus was on the multimodal design of multinational company websites. And I am currently supervising PhD studies on applying Systemic Functional Linguistics and Multimodality to various social contexts, for example, education, media, tourism, advertisements and you name it.

Paparich vs Papakedana – Effects of COVID 19

This is very intriguing when people comparing paparich to papakedana (in Malay it means very poor).

Paparich otw tutup semua outlet dengan menanggung hutang 37 juta ringgi akibat COVID 19.

Manage ur financial wisely guys.

Sedangkan paparich boleh tersungkur inikan kita papakedana

It states that paparich is closing all its outlets throughout Malaysia. Even papaRICH can be affected by the COVID 19 with debt of RM37M, what’s more with us, who are papakedana (very poor people). Rich is the opposite of papakedana.