From the perspective of a parent making a desperate decision in a moment of crisis, it is about nothing other than love

Daniel Goleman, Author of Emotional Intelligence

There is no valuable love than your parents’ love.  Cherish your parents while you can.

How to make people listen to you? Make sure your talk is

  • succinct
  • punchy
  • affecting
  • clear

(Sonya Hamlin. 2006. How to talk so people listen.USA: Harper; 64)

Superb explanation by Tun Dr Mahathir

Mahathir wants to strengthen Malaysia’s “good relations” with Beijing, but wants any Chinese investment to refrain from denying his country any real benefits.

How PH could win in the GE114

A must watch video

Top 10 Real Kids Born With Unbelievable Incredible Features

Interesting, please watch this.

A Japanese guy who chose to stay in Tanah Melayu after World War 2.

Malaysia’s success story

Kuala Lumpur will soon be like Tokyo, Hong Kong and other world big cities.

Religious extremism poses threat to ASEAN’s growth

Funny 😂 and furious 😡 people do not where Malaysia is.