Russia – Ukraine – NATO

Tom and Jerry, was my favourite cartoon when I was small. In this cartoon Russia is portrayed as Tom, who is the villain character, whilst Ukraine as Jerry, a small but cunning and NATO as spike, a big fat lazy dog. It is funny, but, at the same time very meaningful.

Money Heist

Siapa yang menonton Money Heist akan teruja dengan strategi yang digunakan oleh perompak. Yang menariknya mereka bangga dengan identiti mereka sebagai perompak. Sebabnya, mereka adalah perompak kelas atasan. Rompakan yang dilakukan bukan calang-calang rompakan.

Siapa sangka Money Heist telah berlaku di Malaysia pada 31 Ogos, 1994. Perompak dikenali dengan Geng Mamak. Tidak sama seperti perompak dalam filem Money Heist, mereka yang menjalankan rompakan terbesar di Lapangan Antarabangsa Subang tidak bersenjata dan sehingga ke hari ini jongkong emas yang dirompak tidak ditemui. Hebat juga Money Heist Malaysia.

Be yourself and never give in

Lesson to learn from Money Heist, season 5, is you have to remain calm, be yourself and don’t think about giving in when you are in a crisis. In one episode, there were two gangs with gunpoint at each other. None retracted their gun, because once they gave in, they would lose. As long as they did not give in, they had a chance to win. In that kind of situation, it is either both win or both lose. And, you choose to win or to lose.

Seeking help from someone Vs Using someone

One lesson I learnt from watching ‘The Spy Gone North’ is that whenever people seek help from us, we have to look from two perspectives:

  1. Sincerely seeking help from us since they know we can help them with the ability or knowledge that we have.
  2. Taking advantage of us. They know our position that can benefit them to get what they want. In this perspective, we are just being used as a toy to some fools who can’t fight for themselves. Allowing people to use us is just our weakness, which is wrongly fathomed as power.

Suratan atau Kebetulan

I was scrolling the TikTok and suddenly my favourite song popped up.

Sesuatu yang tak disangka

Seringkali mendatangi kita

Itukah suratan dalam kehidupan

Atau sekadar satu kebetulan

Kita asyik membicarakan

Persoalan hidup dan pilihan

Serta kejujuran semakin berkurang

Masih tiada bertemu jawapan


The message of this song is so beautiful. We never know what lies ahead, and yet we have to keep on going.

Magnificent century

Would like to know more about the great dynasty of Othmaniah or Ottoman from Turkey. It is intriguing to learn the cause of its fall. If from the movie, it was so apparent that Hurem was the main cause.

Persuasion Skills

There are 6 essential persuasion skills for leaders, and the skills are

  1. Understanding and navigating organizational politics:  Leaders adjust to the reality of corporate politics and are sensitive to how the organization functions.
  2. Creating visibility: To create new opportunities, effective leaders stand out and get noticed by others while staying authentic. They are careful to allow their team members to shine while not over-promoting themselves.
  3. Building and maintaining personal trustworthiness:  Leaders must show integrity and be widely trusted.
  4. Leveraging networks: Networking allows leaders to generate new experiences, develop persuasion skills, and to tap into the skills and vision of others.
  5. Clear communication: Writing and speaking clearly and briefly and applying a variety of communication styles helps leaders to get the message across and to ensure the right impact.
  6. Motivating others: Leaders understand the needs, styles, and motivators of others.

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