Magnificent century

Would like to know more about the great dynasty of Othmaniah or Ottoman from Turkey. It is intriguing to learn the cause of its fall. If from the movie, it was so apparent that Hurem was the main cause.

Persuasion Skills

There are 6 essential persuasion skills for leaders, and the skills are

  1. Understanding and navigating organizational politics:  Leaders adjust to the reality of corporate politics and are sensitive to how the organization functions.
  2. Creating visibility: To create new opportunities, effective leaders stand out and get noticed by others while staying authentic. They are careful to allow their team members to shine while not over-promoting themselves.
  3. Building and maintaining personal trustworthiness:  Leaders must show integrity and be widely trusted.
  4. Leveraging networks: Networking allows leaders to generate new experiences, develop persuasion skills, and to tap into the skills and vision of others.
  5. Clear communication: Writing and speaking clearly and briefly and applying a variety of communication styles helps leaders to get the message across and to ensure the right impact.
  6. Motivating others: Leaders understand the needs, styles, and motivators of others.

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Science of Persuasion

6 factors to influence others:

  1. reciprocity – give and take
  2. scarcity – people want more of things which are less of
  3. authority – credibility, knowledgeable and expert
  4. consistency
  5. liking – similar to us, compliments and cooperative
  6. consensus – people will look to the actions of others to determine their own

By: Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin

How do we integrate the 6 factors and communication skills? A question to ponder.

Wu Zetian

I love watching historical dramas, either from Chinese, Korean or Turkish history. As I wrote earlier, watching Magnificent Century gave me the sadness feeling looking at how the ladies at that time were full of jealousy and hatred. The next drama will be Wu Zetian: The Only Female Emperor in Chinese History, with the hope that good lessons could be learnt from it.

Magnificent Century

Watching this drama made me feel distressed. But yet, there are so many lessons can be learnt from this drama. One thing for sure is, what goes around comes around. Hurem Sultan, who was vicious, cunning but intelligent, did everything she could to gain power. Her sons learnt from her and did the same thing, fighting and killing each other maliciously just because to stay in power. What they got in the end was just their own DESTRUCTION. There is a saying in Malay that explains this situation,

Menang sorak kampung tergadai

Magnificent Century

This is a television series featuring the golden years of the Ottoman empire. It is intriguing to learn how Sultan Suleiman managed to conquer the Europe with his strong faith in Islam. No doubt that he was a good ruler. BUT, he was not a good husband (based on this movie, not his real life). He failed to pay attention to the struggles between his wife and concubine. He practised favouritism and he was not being fair to his wife. And this was eventually the reason for the fall of his great empire.

One of the Best Motivational Speeches by Admiral McRaven

10 lessons from SEAL basic training. If you want to change the world:-

  1. Start the day with a task completed
  2. Find someone to help you through life
  3. Respect everyone
  4. The life is not always fair, move forward
  5. Don’t afraid to fail often
  6. Take risks
  7. Face down the bullies
  8. Step up when times are toughest
  9. Lift up the downtrodden
  10. Never give up