To please Allah or to please …

The answer is very obvious

Rasulullah P.B.U.H said, “He who displeased Allah for seeking the pleasure of people, Allah is displeased with him and those people are also displeased, for pleasing whom he had earned Allah’s displeasure. And he who pleases Allah, although by it he displeased people, Allah is pleased with him, and also those people whom he had displeased for pleasing Allah become pleased with him. Allah makes him splendid and his speech and acts in the eyes of others beautiful.” [Tabarani]

say something nice

I need to refrain myself from saying something, unless it is nice to others

If you can’t say something nice

Don’t say anything at all

Can I really do that? BUT, there are times when you have to be cruel in order to be kind. Be direct and be honest.

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Set priorities in life

Had a discussion with my dear daughter recently. She was confused with what she really wants in her life. Of course, everyone wants to get the best in this life. Unfortunately, we are not entitled for all the best in this world. So, we have to set priorities in our life.

Know your priorities and how to keep them straight

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Hasad Dengki

Tazkirah oleh Dr Fareed Awae 21 Januari 2021,

Jauhilah sifat hasad dengki. Jangan cemburi nikmat yang Allah beri pada orang lain. Kita ada rezeki kita sendiri, insya Allah.

Perkongsian doa dari Dr Fareed