BIG DATA🤔 Have you heard about it? Can we use Big Data in English Language Teaching? Let’s explore how we can use big data in language classroom.

There are a lot more articles on big data in language learning which  you can find on the internet. It is really big data 😃

Language, Context and Text – a new semiotics journal.

The journal encourages the presentation and critique of new theoretical proposals through careful scholarly analysis, testing of the implications of proposals and presentation of alternative viewpoints broadly within the SFL framework.

The link to a sample issue is given here

Language and cultures

Does language shape cultures or is it the other way round?

Discourse Analysis

What is discourse analysis? Why do we conduct discourse analysis? An useful link for you to learn the fundamental of Discourse Analysis.

Critical discourse analysis or CDA is a study on how language makes meaning socially and politically.  It was found by Norman Fairclough. To know more go to the link given below.

ULAB 3162

New way of marketing yourself.

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How to do Vlog?

What is blended learning?


Finland Becoming the First Country in the World to Get Rid of All School Subjects


What a brave move made by Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture.   Hope our education system will one day be at par with Finland, Japan and Korea.


Branches of Linguistics

There are two main branches, theoretical and applied linguistics. Visit the website if you are interested to know more about linguistics.  However, not all branches of lingustics are covered on the page. Have fun reading ✌️ 


Sources for Oral Presentation Skills

Here are several links for those who would like to improve their presentation skills.