Final Year Projects


No Project Title Student’s Name Programme Graduation Year/Status Role
1. Learners’ Perceptions Towards the Use of Group Discussions in the Language Classroom Lim Wen Ching B.Sc. TESL 2013 Supervisor
2. Types of Non-Verbal Communication Used in English Language Instructions in ELT Classroom. Mohd Khairulnizam bin Musa B.Sc. TESL 2013 Supervisor
3. Malaysian Secondary School English Teachers’ Attitude Towards the Communicative Approach Yeang Wei Theng B.Sc. TESL 2012 Supervisor
4. The Use of Writing Strategies Among English Second Language Writers Nurul Huda binti Abdullah B.Sc. TESL 2012 Supervisor
5. Teachers’ Belief in Integrating Computer Technology in English Language Teaching and Learning Jayne Lim Jiaing B.Sc. TESL 2011 Supervisor
6. Text Analysis of the Form Two English Teaching Resources Jogiana Yii Chiong Hee B.Sc. TESL 2010 Supervisor
7. Investigating English Teachers’ Perceptions on the Use of Authentic Materials in Teaching English Nurul Azie Yanty binti Md. Yusop B.Sc. TESL 2009 Supervisor
8. The Criteria of Language Learning Websites Noraida binti Daut B.Sc. TESL 2008 Supervisor
9. Students’ Perceptions of UHB 2422 Lecturers’ Communicative Behaviours and Its Effects on Students’ Learning Norsyariza Hanim binti Mohd Sabri B.Sc. TESL 2007 Supervisor
10. Using Language Games in the Reinforcement of Grammar Ong Guat Kee B.Sc. TESL 1999 Supervisor
11. The Use of Language Games to Enhance the Learning of the Simple Past Tense Forms of the Irregular Verbs Yeoh Tian Siong B.Sc. TESL 1999 Supervisor