Surah Al-An’aam – سورة الأنعام


˹Consider˺ the Day He will gather them ˹all˺ together and say, “O assembly of jinn! You misled humans in great numbers.” And their human associates will say, “Our Lord! We benefited from each other’s company, but now we have reached the term which You appointed for us.” ˹Then˺ He will say, “The Fire is your home, yours to stay in forever, except whoever Allah wills to spare.” Surely your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing. 

Paranormal Discourse

I am currently working on paranormal discourse. My data are YouTube videos on the supernatural phenomena. It is kind of intriguing but scary at the same time. Scary because I have to watch and transcribe the videos. Can you imagine what kind of hell I am getting into . Stay strong for the sake of publication. Fighting 🦾🦾🦾

Paranormal Discourse

Is there any study done on paranormal discourse? Hmmm it is intriguing, right?

I am interested to write a paper on paranormal discourse, after watching the YouTube on Dybbuk Box by Princemeed. The main objective of the paper should be to discuss how the ideology of mythology constructs the paranormal discourse from the social semiotics perspective.

Jinn and Demon in Islam

Do Muslims believe in supernatural or paranormal? From the site that I shared below, it seems Muslims who observe their prayers tend to believe in the existence of Jinn. There are also Muslims who believe in witchcraft and Talismans. As a Muslim, we have to believe in the existence of Jinn and demons. But, we should not forget that Allah is our great PROTECTOR. Only Allah alone can keep us safe from all evils.

How the Dybbuk box travelled to Malaysia

Dybbuk box is now in Malaysia. The box was bought on ebay by the popular youtuber, Princemeed. Since opening the box, the spirits have not stopped haunting him. Trowing the box away at Karak did not solve the problem, but the demon was said to become more aggressive. You can follow the Princemeed’s story at his youtube.