Surah Al-Kahf

Learn this beautiful doa (prayer) by heart.  It is taken from Surah Al-Kahf, the story of young men who fled for refuge to a cave.

Surah Al-Kahfi – 10

Rabbana atina miladunka rahmah, waaiyik lana min amrina roshada.

“Our Lord! Bestow on us mercy from yourself, and facilitate for us our affair in the right way”

You can watch the video of Surah Al-Kahf recitation by Muzammil Hasballah.


This is from the previous post on Train to Busan.  I was busy deleting some of images and I found these images are fascinating, not really the visual but the verbal text.



The Government has always been covering the reality from the public and uncountable number of problems have been unresolved.







Driven by his desire to survive, he will use others to further his own interest. 







…not only in his will to survive but also in his will for others to survive.








Put his self interest above everyone’s else but eventually learns that he won’t survive like that.