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ULAB 2122 (22).  Upload your final Term Paper at the link given.  Latest by 28 December 12.00 midnight.

FINAL EXAM.  ULAB 1122 (65) AND ULAB 2122 (22).  You can download the schedule at the link given.  Please ensure you go to the right venue at the right time.

ULAB 1122 (65).  Kindly go to the link given to upload your essay latest by 27 December,12 noon.  Thank you.

ULAB 2122 (22), please go to the link given to download the draft of your term paper.  Thank you.

‘I may not be Wonder Woman, but I can do things that make you wonder’

Oral presentation – ULAB 2122

The schedule for the oral presentations can be downloaded from the link given.

ULAB1122 – returned essay draft

Click on the link given to download your essay draft.

1.  Look at the comments given.
2.  Do necessary changes.
3.  Submit the final essay before 22 December 2016.

ULAB 2122 (22) – Term Paper Draft

To upload your draft click on the link given.


Schedule for the oral presentations.

ULAB 1122 – Group Discussions

Schedule for the group discussions.