What sisters are for…

The big sister flew high in the sky.
And made a video call to the little sister, asking the little angel to snap a photo of her flying. And the little sister went … what????

Romantic vs Love

What do you want in your life? Sometimes human actions can be very deceiving. There are generally two types of people,

  1. act nice but yet stab on your back
  2. harsh but yet truthful.

Which one is better, lions or monkeys?

Confusion – what is the right conversion of MUET Band to CEFR?

There are various versions of the conversion from MUET to CEFR. Which one to follow?

I got this from the internet. It means the language competency of those who got MUET Band 4 is equivalent to CEFR B1

There is another conversion table by Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia.

Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM) – 2021

I would suggest to use the one given by the MPM. Just to be safe and hope this information helps.