Subtle Charity – Story 2

My friend and I were eating in a restaurant. Here came a lady with her blind husband and she had a bunch of tissues in her hand. This is a normal scenery in Malaysia. Blind people will go from one restaurant to the other selling tissues. Of course, they don’t go alone, they are accompanied by someone.

This weird friend of mine called up for the lady. and said she needs the tissue. She bought a pack of tissue which did not even cost RM1. But she paid RM20, since she said she didn’t have small change and as usual she asked the lady to keep the change. This time I did not ask anything, since she did not force me to take the tissue.

Helping people by charity is the most human thing we can do

Oprah Winfrey


Today is the last day to submit the FRGS application. I am struggling doing it as my time running out.

coping strategies, communication access, student engagement, crisis period, B40 students.

Those are my keywords for FRGS. Hopefully I managed to submit today.

Binge Reading

I have been reading my student’s PhD proposal for several days. The proposal is good, but it is sooooooo lengthy. Can you imagine the proposal is off 113 pages…. piuhhhhhhh what a laborious reading task. Alhamdulillah, I managed to finish my binge reading series.

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Binge Reading

Binge reading is a common phenomenon to all academic staff when it comes to the end of a semester. The reading list will be as lengthy as it can be:

  1. PhD proposals
  2. Masters proposals
  3. PhD theses
  4. Masters theses
  5. loads and loads of assignments