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Wonder hmmmm… how true this is 😏


New Zumba Salsa Choreo

  1. Lets zumba with new salsa choreo by Emenuel Ezevedo

Enjoy the steps

The Train to Busan

Have you watched The Train to Busan? I will not consider it as the best thriller genre movie, BUT, the messages it entails are superb.  Here are a few that I could list

  • A busy selfish father who ignores his own daughter but turns into a new leaf after it was pointed by his daughter.


  • A tough gangster who has a loving heart. ┬áHe is so gentle to his wife despite his aggressivenes towards others.


  • A liitle girl who is kind hearted and very observant.


  • Another selfish officer and without whom, more lives could be saved.


  • A careless train master who did not notice that the infected lady managed to be on board. This is the root to the problem.
  • A responsible train pilot who could sacrifice his own life to help others.
  • Corrupted government who lied to the people.


Watch this trailer

Say No to Pepsi

Shocking news!!! To my loved ones, kindly read this and say NO to Pepsi.



How to cure cancer naturally.

Read this and watch the video. See how we can cure cancer naturally without going through chemotherapy