The Train to Busan

Have you watched The Train to Busan? I will not consider it as the best thriller genre movie, BUT, the messages it entails are superb.  Here are a few that I could list

  • A busy selfish father who ignores his own daughter but turns into a new leaf after it was pointed by his daughter.


  • A tough gangster who has a loving heart.  He is so gentle to his wife despite his aggressivenes towards others.


  • A liitle girl who is kind hearted and very observant.


  • Another selfish officer and without whom, more lives could be saved.


  • A careless train master who did not notice that the infected lady managed to be on board. This is the root to the problem.
  • A responsible train pilot who could sacrifice his own life to help others.
  • Corrupted government who lied to the people.


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