Generally speaking, those who are superior in military strength and weapons usually have an advantageous posture. But this is not universal. Sometimes one who is inferior can also be in an advantageous posture if he makes use of the situation and all the advantageous that he has.

For instace, in Southern China, there is a small animal, a kind of leopard, which is the same size as a cat. It is much weaker in strength than a tiger, but it often attacks a tiger when it sees one. It is as nimble as a squirrel and usually lays in ambush in a tree, and suddenly jumps onto the back of the tiger, gets hold on the tiger’s tail, and uses its sharp paw to vigorously scratch the tiger’s anus. The tiger jumps and roars from the pain, but it is unable to reach the leopard cat. The only solution is for the tiger to roll on the ground, at which time the small animal flees rapidly.

¬†The kingfisher is a small bird 15 centimeters long with green feathers and a sharp beak like a nail. It usually flies over water. When it sees a fish, it draws its wings in and dashes into the water with all its force like an arrow. Sometimes it can catch fish bigger than itself. The action of a kingfisher fully ¬†illustrates what Sun Tzu stated ‘the momentum is over-whelming and attack precisely timed’.

Sun Tzu’s Art of Warrior, page 126.