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Who said games are useless?

Turning games into educational tools.  Hmmmm brilliant indeed. 

Teaching Early Literacy

Roald Dahl is a renown writer of children’s story books. His books are sold more than 250 million copies worldwide.  His language is simple and his stories normally about the typical issues of British young children.

For teachers teaching literature can visit the padlet link on Roald Dahl Curriculum Resources for TnL ideas.  

Teaching in the 21st century

For teachers who dare to change kindly visit @iteacherau

‘We have found some amazing apps and webtools over the last two years. Some might be of use, others might not. Here’s a summary of some of the coolest ones around’ 

for more info visit  

Do you fancy Harry Potter?  If you do, visit this site and answer the quiz questions.  Have fun!!!

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