Seeking help from someone Vs Using someone

One lesson I learnt from watching ‘The Spy Gone North’ is that whenever people seek help from us, we have to look from two perspectives:

  1. Sincerely seeking help from us since they know we can help them with the ability or knowledge that we have.
  2. Taking advantage of us. They know our position that can benefit them to get what they want. In this perspective, we are just being used as a toy to some fools who can’t fight for themselves. Allowing people to use us is just our weakness, which is wrongly fathomed as power.

Quote of the day.

I would like to share a quote I got from watching a Korean movie entitled ‘The Spy Gone North”.

If you want honey,

sometimes you get stung.

It is true, isn’t it? Success will not come without sacrifice. It is even mentioned in the Al-Quran, life in this world is just a test. Make sure we pass the test to taste the sweetness of heaven. Aamiin.