ISFC2016: Enjoying Indonesian Cuisines

What I love most about travelling is the opportunity to taste the local cuisine. Come and see what I had when I was in Bandung.

Surabi!!!  It looks like Serabai in Malaysia, but unlike Serabai, Surabi comes with different toppings.

20160725_180802   Surabi with Strawberry Topping.

I had it twice. First I had it with sweet banana topping and second time I went for strawberry topping.

The making of Surabi. 20160725_182044

There are a lot of Surabi cafes at Jalan Setiabudhi which is closed to Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI).


My next favourite dish while in Bandung was nasi kuning. There is no nasi lemak in Bandung, but they have nasi kuning. It reminds me of my late mum’s nasi parpu or kacang dal or lenthil because the colour is obviously daaa yellow.

20160725_081832  Nasi kuning or yellow rice is eaten with sambal, keropok (crisps) and vege.

And the next is nasi urap


Nasi urap or urab is steamed white rice eaten with salad and not forgetting sambal (hot spicy gravy).

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